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ICA Event on Radical Publishing

Radical Publishing: What Are We Struggling For?

19 March 2011

£12 / £11 concessions / £10 ICA Members / £5 students and ICA Members under 26 (call box office to book)

Last year’s student protests saw a new generation take to the streets. Much was made of the vandalism and disruption that occurred, with some arguing it eclipsed the protests’ intentions—but were the students’ demands ever clearly articulated? Did the protestors know what they were struggling for? From pamphlets and theses to journals and zines—the relationship between protest and print goes back a long way and has helped galvanise and articulate dissent, but do radical publishers and radical thinkers still matter today and how do they relate to contemporary protest?

For one day, the ICA will host some of the UK’s most exciting radical thinkers, published by British radical publishers such as Verso, Zed Books, Zero Books, Pluto Press and AK Press, to grapple with these issues and more.

From 12pm to 5pm, four panels will explore topics such as:

  • Tactics of Struggle: with John Holloway, David Graeber and Carrot Workers
  • New Psychic Landscapes: with Franco Berardi ‘Bifo’, Mark Fisher and Saul Newman
  • New Public: with Peter Hallward, Hilary Wainwright and Richard Seymour
  • New Economics: with Andrew Simms, Milford Bateman and Ann Pettifor

This event is organised as a collaboration between the ICA and Through Europe, with special thanks to Associate Producer Federico Campagna.


Graduates – no future?

“All manner of lefties have been standing in Library Square, entreating us to ‘defend education’ with petitions, placards and processions. Few of us have taken up the request. What is there to defend? The current education cuts will no doubt make things worse, but it’s not education we need to defend but our conditions of life, both at university and more importantly for the rest of our lives. We need to turn our critical faculties both on our education and on the society it is preparing us for. Do we have a future? Is it worth the sacrifices it demands?…”

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DSG – education as sabotage and the poverty of student rhetoric

“… it’s probably a good time to look at how our critique of the education cuts is transforming into a critique of education itself, as it exists.”

Really Free School, Fitzrovia, London

Free school in London. Check their schedule and attend a workshop/talk/film screening, help out, or put on your own event in the space.


The Life of Students

Walter Benjamin’s The Life of Students

“Benjamin makes an intelligent and eloquent case against the poverty of student life under capitalism in this early essay, written more than fifty years before the Situationists would tackle the same subject. He argues against the intellectual frigidity and alienation of the university as a factory of future workers, and for a genuine “community of learning.” Wider social issues that affect the university environment such as student activism, gender, and sexuality are also dealt with.”

Taken from

Sugatra Mitra – The Child Driven Education